For future generations:

Many times, when we look back on how societies were organized, on how people thought, we think: back then people were just crazy, senseless, barbaric.

Well, perhaps someday people will think those same things of us. So, just for the record:

I do not believe it is fair to treat sentient animals like commodities,

I do understand the dangers of the actual US debt, and that no one at present should retain dollars or US stocks, (was Bretton Woods forgotten?)

I know that terrorism cannot be stopped with terror,

I understand that, in a near future, there will be weapons of mass destruction easily available (biological weapons, mostly), and yes, I know that understanding, mutual help and friendship between nations, education, the end of poverty, would be the correct ways of solving problems.

I am also aware that what people call today “democracy” is actually just some form or other of oligarchy, sometimes, not even in disguise.

I know that happiness is just around the corner: all you have to do is open your hands, open your eyes, and enjoy the world, the beautifully crafted world in which we live in.

I know every religion is drawn on truth (like some form or other of telepathy, spiritual healing, and “God”), but I also know that each religion is trying to stall people with cravings for lies and fantastic, delusional, hopes! The truth is simple and obvious to anyone who really wants it and is willing to rebel against tradition. Everything’s simple once our eyes are cleared of the rubble of fears this society tries to impose to control us.

So you see, we are not all that blind!
March 14, 2006