An explanation of famine:

Almost every religion has an explantion for the lack of conditions in which most of the population in the world lives. It might be a test or a symptom, due to something they did in previous lives, or before life, or due to their character, etc. In any case not only it was allowed but, in some sense, produced by the Deity. For economists it is the result of lack of infrastructures, for politicians the result of not accepting our political institutions, for racists it is a proof of superiority.

I do not whish to dispute any of these theses, for they must seem obvious to the ones that utter them. I whish just to point out a further fact that I think everyone must recognize as obvious. Besides all the further facts there is one which cannot be denied and which is obvious above all evidence: the world is so, because we allow it to be so.

We allow it to be so.

You can change the world.