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"Nobody has any doubt that the US are capable of bulldozing Iraq with their gigantic military machinery, of killing hundreds of thousands and of taking control of the oilfields. However, they will not be able to quench the rising hatred and the wrath of the survivors. And this hatred and wrath will spread like a bushfire in the whole region and beyond. Nothing could provide a better basis for the fundamentalists and terrorist organisations."

Bahman Nirumand, January 2003

The Decline of America

"It is now the time for the Americans to ask if they are superior or equal to the rest of the people in the world. They will find, on a moment's reflection, that their current technological superiority is founded on the latter belief, a belief which helped to build and shape America. It is in the belief that all people are equal that, paradoxically, resides the superiority of the American people. A thought that was reversed by President's Bush stance, a stance which threatens to put America and the rest of the world at odds with each other."

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"But I am very proud of the fact that I listen to my conscience. And I'll be happy if others, too, also listen to their consciences and not to what their commanders tell them."
Uri Ya'akobi, conscientious objector - letter to the Israeli daily Ha'aretz.