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Paul Simon

You're The One

I Love Paul Simon. Only when I travelled through the States, through the landscapes of Arizona and Utah, did the lyrics of "Simon and Garfunkel" and also of Graceland aquired a whole deeper meaning. Paul Simon became one of my favorite songwriters and singers. I widely appreciate his inclusion of African sounds, and the whole spirit of liberty, love and awareness that one can feel (almost palpable) in his songs. My favorite album, though, is seldom talked about, its name is You're the One, and I've heard almost all of the musics in that album all and allover again. Travelling, at home, deeply reflecting on their meaning (like in the "That’s Where I Belong", "Se˝orita with a Necklace of Tears", "Quiet" among others) or feeling the pure *ecstasy* of "Hurricane Eye". This album has, among others from different musicians, helped me to evolve, to see and feel much more than I would on my own. I know that Paul Simon will never read this, but I feel more grateful to him than words can ever tell. Another song from him that meant very much to me is "Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes" (from Graceland). And there are of course many others. But this album, You're the One is, for me, the central masterpiece, the one I'm most grateful for, it's up there, on my personal list of fame, among with other songs like "Mr. Tamborine Man" or "Blowing in the Wind" from Bob Dylan, and from other works by Cat Power, Coldplay, Dave Mathews Band, Enya, Bj÷rk, Wim Mertens and others. Songs that changed my life!


Here is a lyric from You're The One called Love.

Cool me
Cool my fever high
Hold me when I cry
I need it so much
Makes you want to get down and crawl like a beggar
For its touch
And all the while its free as air
Like plants the medicine is everywhere


We crave it so badly
Makes you want to laugh out loud when you receive it
And gobble it like candy

We think its easy
Sometimes its easy
But its not easy
Youre going to break down and cry
Were not important
We should be grateful
And if youre wondering why


The price that we pay
When evil walks the planet
And love is crushed like clay
The master races, the chosen peoples
The burning temples, the weeping cathedrals