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Old Works made during the DEA (1999-2000) in PDF format


Neuroscience and cognitive psychology (basic)

Free Will

ESPor "extra sensorial" perception, has been studied ‘scientifically’ for a while. Recent reviews of those studies include Delanoy (pdf), Utts (pdf), and Hyman (html). The results are somewhat impressive; statistically it is almost impossible that they might have happened by chance. However, there have inspired more controversy than answers. Theoretically, they seem to fit more into mystical mumbo-jumbo talk than any scientific explanation of the universe. Empirically, many doubts have been raised regarding the impartiality of the experimenters, etc, although the available evidence seems sufficiently massive and serious to query those doubts. Whatever details we may find out in the future regarding the scope, functioning and reality of ESP, its possibility has already interesting implications both to the philosophy of mind debate and for neuroscience research.