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There was a land called Cinthya which the ancient said was born by the touch of the moon, when it kissed her into life. But wise folk know, that in spite of being on the top of the mountain, Cinthya was in fact the daughter of a marriage between a dolphin and a seer.

The seer was hard working, he covered the land from sunrise to nightfall, always hoping to find a shell which, placed next to his ear, would give him the sound of the ocean. He was a seer but he didn’t know it yet, for the vision that he searched outside was already buried within and just needed an object that would shine up its own reflection. So, what was been searched through all the land was in fact a mirror, a more perfect mirror, that would reflect the seer’s inner vision of infinity.

He first found the shell, and then become obsessed with the sea. He bore for many miles until the seashore stopped him, and there a magnificent sight was to occur. Behind him there was a mountain, majestic and bright, before him the sea and the river lending out to the sea, where all rivers are forgot and mixed, and only return, if ever, to their riverbed, after much pilgrimage and purification. The sea was deadliest and the mountain looked, behind him, as if to see his courage: are you going in?

The seer would not be a seer if he had not gone in, for a seer lives for his dream, he has no fear of death because he does not know life per se, he knows only the dream, lives for the dream, eats and sleeps the dream, and so he did not hesitate. He slumbered (for he did not swim well) into the vast sea waves that lied ahead and would have surely died if not for a strange incident.

Perhaps not many people have reflected that in every species of plants or animals or even minerals or galaxies, there are some that exhibit more perfection in their nature than others. Among dolphins the level of perfection is measured by pure joy and compassion (which most of the times would show up only in the high frequency of sex and playful behavior, but not this time). This time our young seer was caught, nearly drowning, by a group of dolphins, a well-developed cast, that dwelt in the surrounding area. That which drew pity from their eyes was seeing a man who was forcing his way into death, not by despair, nor by fear, nor because he was fleeing from something, but because of joy, the kind of joy that at the time could only be found in the inner depths of the sea, where the ambition and Hard Work of Men had not yet arrived.

The seer did not see the dolphins that night, he was already unconscious when they got to him, when they hold on to him, pushed him back to a safe place and guarded him through the night. It was only when the first light of the morning came that he saw one of them. He immediately understood that the dolphin there before him, represented all that he wanted to achieve in the sea. And, seeing it as a gift for his courage, he went up to it, and with a razor that he had in his coat, cut through his throat, down to his guts, and the dolphin died.

It was a beautiful day, and it would continue to be so, generally, in that area, for, we must understand, Gods are not vindictive and in fact, that man had not realized his crime as such a crime. He wanted the seer’s vision, he wanted what the dolphin had, and he made a jacket out of it. A jacket made of dolphin might seem a stupid thing to do, but in fact it is perhaps the most wonderful ornament a man could have. It shines on every light, it protects from and endures the cold, and through that shininess of the dolphin’s body, the man, now considered a seer, could speak of wonderful things about this world, and many other worlds, which he had seen in inner vision or simply imagined.

He became famous. And, on the top hill of that mountain, that once almost incited him to go, he erected a house-museum that should serve both as his habitation, and as a memorial rite: for those who came from land would know the beauty of the sea, and those who navigated rivers and oceans would understand that a true master of the Seven Seas had lied there henceforth.

Later the seer has died, and with him all the speeches, calm words, and open gestures that were so vigorous in him. He left memories and remembrance. And in his tomb we could see flowers of all sorts. As time went by the forest grew deeper and thicker, but the sunrays still passed through. The place called Cinthya became truly charmed. The beauty that the seer had brought, with the peril of his own life, from the deepness of the sea, was now apparent. The dolphin was the other part of that beauty. One the courage, the other the visible mark, in the soil, in the atmosphere, of the seer’s vision that the man once partook.

Obviously, by killing the dolphin, the seer had ceased to be a seer. He traded the Dream for an image, he thus got stuck in time, obsessed with an image, but time does not stop. Nor does life. Life goes on, and if the seer had remained a seer he would have treated the dolphin as his friend. And Cinthya would not be encased beauty, a house-museum, but a place vibrant, alive and ever-changing; a place where you could really look at the stars, and to wait for each morning with the feverish splendor as we wait every brand new life. Instead of wearing a jacket made of fish he would have walked naked in the sun’ or in the moon’s light, for a seer is not improved by ornament. And he would not have possessed any thing about the ocean, he would have dismissed the shell; but, with his heart, all the sea, and all the stars, would have made a simple one. That was the seer’s vision: infinity. And the reason why he couldn’t find it: fear / projection.

The forceful marriage has brought to that place a beacon where all those who search for the inner beauties of the self may find inspiration. However they should worry so that they don’t get entangled in the seer’s mistake. For every vision is but a mere projection of a truth that lies within.