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The relational point of view:
Although most of the things we pay attention to in our time are only possible through relations, they fall perhaps into only two categories: knowledge and freedom.

Love, by the contrary, seems to annihilate the difference between the inside and outside creating a continuum, a unity. In love, knowledge ceases to be a relation, there is only contact.

Freedom transforms love into a relation again. Through freedom, or perhaps better, through action, I realize my unity as something different from that with which I am in contact with.

However continuums are not always static, trees grow and flowers blossom, and there doesn't seem to be an internal/external relation here. Where consciousness is involved the same thing may happen. For even if there is no need for an action to be taken on the basis of a decision, still, movement does occur, like an inner ocean that flows from whatever is connected by love.

A decision, by the contrary, is something made on the part of a subject. Which implies a distinction between subject and object. Although this may seem at times almost like a requisite for survival («will I not be annihilated if I loose myself in my lover's eyes?»), it seems also obvious that it is the survival of a lie, in this sense: whatever survives through isolation, is a (transient) fruit of a relationship, not a 'thing in itself'; so it is only a lie if it is considered permanent (but if it was not, there would be no fear of loosing it).

So we may distinguish between action (which is made on the part of a subject) and movement through non-action, which could also be considered, from an external point of view, as an action, but which is not motivated by a decision or a gap between the inside (I) and outside (world), but by the dynamics of the continuum in which both subject and object (as seen by an external observer) are immersed in.

Non-action is therefore the action dictated by Love and connection, the movement needed to 'stay in touch'. This can be noticed quite clearly in activities like massage, but perhaps any activity can be engaged in this way. p.